Discount Shop BamBooBat 18" One Hand Trainer - Glove Pounder

Discount Shop BamBooBat 18" One Hand Trainer - Glove Pounder
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BamBooBat 18"" One Hand Trainer - Glove Pounder

The Pinnacle Sports 18"" One Hand Trainer is an absolute must for any ballplayer. From youth players to professionals, everyone should train with the BamBooBat one hand trainer. It is a multi-purpose training bat. The one hand trainer is great to use as a warm up before any batting practice. Starting off with one hand drills that improve both the bottom hand and top hand of a swing is crucial to improve any swing. Building up the muscle memory through these drills is what will help keep your swing level from the start of your swing all the way through contact. It can be used both in soft toss drills or used by hitting off a tee. Not only does the one hand trainer improve the top and bottom hand of your swing, it enhances your hand eye coordination throughout the process. Being able to hit a baseball with a vastly shortened sweet spot will make hitting a baseball with a traditional baseball bat much easier. It is designed for the player to hit both real baseballs, as well as mini training balls. It is made of a lightweight bamboo that is solid throughout. This training bat is truly essential for any baseball player looking to improve their game. It's lightweight, and compact and easily fits in any equipment bag. The white matte finish to the handle adds extra grip without the use of a grip enhancer. Originally available in solid black and now available in three new team color combinations. The new blended team colors make it as eye appealing as it is functional. We have a faded white handle to black barrel, a white handle to red barrel and a white handle to a royal blue barrel. A team color for all players to match their teams color. At Pinnacle Sports we think of the player's needs and we make practical quality products at affordable prices. Our training bats should be used by every player who wants to perform at a higher level.

• Top Hand Training
• Bottom Hand Training
• Use For Softtoss
• Hit Off A Batting Tee
• Solid Bamboo Construction
• Team White/Red, White/Black, White/Royal