Discount Shop Jugs Sports 12" Lite Flite Softball (Dozen)

Discount Shop Jugs Sports 12" Lite Flite Softball (Dozen)

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Jugs Sports 12"" Lite Flite Softballs (Dozen)

The safest practice softballs ever made, Jugs' Lite Flite softballs are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, as well as use with young players.

With Jugs Lite Flite practice softballs, your players see a realistic throw or pitch, but they don't get stung by the ball if it bounces off their arms or body. This makes the Jugs Lite Flite practice balls ideal for offensive or defensive drills.

Jugs Lite Flite balls throw true, even at regulation pitching distances, and can be used with any Jugs pitching machine. These practice balls will keep their original shape coming out of your pitching machine, regardless of speed.

These softballs are sold in dozens.