Discount Shop Rawlings 2021 Heart of the Hide Hyper Shell 12.75" Baseball Glove

Discount Shop Rawlings 2021 Heart of the Hide Hyper Shell 12.75" Baseball Glove

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Rawlings Heart Of The Hide Hyper Shell PRO3319-6BCF 12.75" Baseball Glove

Maximize your range with the 2021 Heart of the Hide Hyper Shell outfield glove. It was meticulously engineered to help you reach your full potential in the outfield. Our Hyper Shell back is 15% lighter than traditional leather, and now features a fresh, black carbon fiber design for a stylish, yet clean, look. This look is complimented by subtle mint welting and binding, and gray accents around the web and fingers.

In addition, its ultra-premium steer hide palm provides unmatched quality and performance to keep you going inning after inning. It also features a deer-tanned cowhide lining, and padded thumb sleeve for optimal comfort and feel on the diamond. Lastly, it was also crafted in our new 12.75-inch 331-pattern. This is our first outfield pattern to use double welting, for added durability. That means it plays like a traditional 303-pattern, which is popular for its large, deep pocket. As a result, you'll get a glove that can handle any ball hit its way, and catch them all.
This Hyper Shell outfield glove is perfect for outfielders looking to increase their range, and make more amazing plays. Make it your next gamer, buy now!

Glove Specifications
Pattern: 12.75" outfield model
Web: Pro-H
Back: Open
Color: Black/Grey
Leather: Heart of the Hide leather
Positions: Outfield
Series: Heart of the Hide Hyper Shell Series